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tv   Politics Public Policy Today  CSPAN  September 30, 2013 10:30pm-1:01am EDT

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agreement over something whether or not the government gets funded each fiscal year, it's absurd, it's ridiculous. something needed to happen. you know, the medical people as a fwheeld to come together. protest medical hill, take this country back and make it what it used to be. that's what i wanted so say, thank you. >> we're expecting the house to gavel in shortly to consider the next move in terms of the response to the senate which blocked the two amendments that have been proposed by the house earlier. a couple of the reports earlier from capitol hill. peter gasparo who covers the hill for the hill, he writes that the house will seek a conference with the senate on the cr, some details here. house republican leaders will seek a conference committee with senate democrats in a last-ditch effort to find a compromise on short-term spending bill on gop-aid confirmed tonight. also on that, the offer to go to conference will be the last
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republican offer before midnight. however, he's told if reid rejects, they could offer something else. angie is in chesapeake, virginia. chesapeake, virginia, yes, republican line. hi, angie. >> hi, thank you for having me on. >> mm-hmm. >> caller: i have to say a statement first. this is the most partisan administration in my -- in my -- i'm almost 50 years old. this is the most partisan i've ever seen a president be. we have allowed that to happen here in the united states. we have in the last i would say last eight years, we've add aallowed so many things that are not patriotic, not the american way. and, you know, we're sitting here at the last minute, the last hour trying to wait to see if we're going have a government shutdown. many people will be affected. and this is not a last-minute ditch. this has been trying to happen for a long time.
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republicans have tried to cross the aisles to speak to the democrats. and i'm sure the democrats have done the same thing. but the president has not crossed the aisle. he has been a one-side the whole time. and for us to take a blind eye of that, that is so wrong. and one other thing if i would be able to do, when we do this obama care, and i'm sure some way it's going to happen, it's going to take money. money that we are borrowing now. i mean, we can raise the debt ceiling as much as we possibly can. and try to keep our credit rating, but it's not going to work. either way, anything that happens tonight is going to be bad for the united states because we have been going down the downslope for a while. until we get rid of some people in congress, the
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representatives, our president, things are going to continue to go down. i'm so sorry people think so badly of the republicans. you need to look -- they're not trying to shut down the government. they have been trying for the president to be bipartisan and listen to all of the other alternatives that we've had. there have been many think tanks that come up with all kinds of propose pals but he has been from day one of his administration years ago wanting this implemented. people need to remember that. this is not all on the republicans. >> all right, angie, joanna, you're up next. we wait to take you live to the house rules committee and the next step on the cr. thank you, go ahead. >> caller: thank you, for having me on. i'm a 68-year-old baby-boomer who's been retired for sometime and i've watched c-span for five
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years every since president obama was elected. and i'm very disappointed because of the gop started with mitch mcconnell standing up in the senate, stating that there the gop agenda was to make the president the one-time president. and ever since i watched them for five years, they have done nothing, passed nothing, and obstructed everything under the guise of the hatred for this president. i don't -- i just don't understand it. i've seen a lot of presidents come and go. had all of the respect of the people once the election is done. but we have a black president and the republicans cannot accept the fact that he is also american. born in the united states. he is an american citizen. he's worked for the middle class
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and sought the best interest for the middle class, small business, for military people and our veterans, i just wish that they would come to terms, not shut the government down, and accept the idea that obama care is in effect. it's been beneficial to me. i have used the wellness care because i am elderly and i have benefitted very much from it. and that is all i have to say. thank you very much. >> thank you for your call. it's unclear as to whether or not we'll hear again tonight from the president. he did speak earlier at 5:00 eastern. a good bit of that conversation talking about the potential impact and the actual impact of a government shutdown. we won't have time to show you right now about those comments but we want to let you know they are in the video library at we are waiting for the house rules committee. they should gavel in shortly. members are gathering.
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we'll take you live when they come in. painted post, new york. hello to shawn on the independent's line. >> caller: how are you doing tonight? >> fine, thank you. >> i would like to say our system seems to be fatally flawed and no one seemed to care. it used to be the land of the free, home of the brave. now it's the land of the free if you can afford the price. and it wasn't long ago, i remember obama was talking about all of this equality among workers atwal mart and all these other things, if he's in to such equality, why doesn't he -- why won't he, himself, and the underlings take on the same obama care that he's passing for the american people? and that's really all i go it to say. be fair about it. i would hope that they wouldn't shut the government down for that. but, you know, i'm kind of by myself. i don't really hold an opinion
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republican and democrat. but i understand why they're holding the position. >> some tweets and hash tags. why must we continue to hear only republicans are unwilling to work with senator reid? meet halfway. why are we worried about a budget now? haven't had one for five yearlings. obama doesn't want to compromise. and candace said the president should be a grown-up, but he's the little boy in the room. the hash tag is c-span chat. we're waiting to go to the rules committee in the house. we hear from cheryl from salt lake city on the republican line. hi, cheryl. >> caller: hello. first of all, i'm a veteran. i served the three years in the vietnam era. and my wife and i are both retired, living on social
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security. over the weekend when president obama was out on a a tour and he sounded like a salesman. he said it's like buying a plane ticket or getting on the internet. he's telling me you have to buy that ticket and get on that airplane otherwise you're going to get a fee. i just don't think it's right. that's kind of what i had to say. >> thank you. >> maybe a little bit more of what may be ahead in the ahead. house wants a cr conference. this is the reporting of jake sherman. they said with hours to go with a government shutdown, the house
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is now looking to enter to formal negotiations with the senate over a short term government funding measure. the house rules committee will meet at 10:30 the conferees on a stop gap funding bill. they said it's meant to hash out the two chambers' bills. the two differences is at this point retractable. house republicans want to use funding debate to strip funding from or delay all parts of obama care and democrats refuse to do so. well, we're ten minutes late so far. no rules committee just yet. we'll go there live when we do start. next in atlanta on the democrats line. this is a look live inside the meeting room for house rules. go ahead, atlanta. you're on the air. >> caller: i want to say that the president has been doing a great job. the affordable care act should
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not be part of this debt ceiling negotiation. i have firsthand experience with my daughter able to be on the insurance until the 26th. she'll get universal health care. i checked on the premiums, they're the same that i was paying on my job, $54. >> she getting thank you that through the exchange in georgia? >> caller: yes. >> thank you for the call. next in san diego on the independent line. >> caller: i keep hearing about -- >> larry, you're breaking up a little bit. might be your cell phone or something. it's distorted and we'll move on to jack who's in chicago? jack on our republican line. jack, hi. >> caller: hi, my name is jack. my question is, our government
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can't run the government, let alone run health care. >> staff works diligently in the last few weeks on this important issue. tonight we're once again with the resolution designed to prevent a government shutdown the last few weeks. they're showing differences in how to appropriate and fund the
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government. we have been unable. our top leadership to deal with the senate majority leader, harry reid, and other senate democrats. and we have not been able to cut a deal up to now. as a result, tonight's legislation will direct the united states house of reps to go to conference with the senate in an effort to legitimate all of the negotiations that remain ahead. i'm very confident at what can happen. there's a process in place that my colleagues are very aware of that is quickly as we pass this rule on the floor, that the conferees will be prepared to meet. the bottom line is house republicans desire to dismantle obama care. we're going stick to this
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effort. i want to welcome bob slaughter into tonight's meeting and recognize the ranking gentlewoman from new york. >> i want to say we find it more than passing strange that after trying for months to get a conference set up to discuss the budget of the united states, totally unable to do, that we are going to call together a conference for a measure that only has six weeks of life. but nonetheless, i know you're going to do that. but i would like to know if you have any assurance that the senate is going to take your challenge? >> i assume that's a question for me? >> that's a question. i would like to know if you have any assurance from senator reid that he will appoint conferees. >> it is my point that senator reid will see that the right hand of -- of an offer will be
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extended to him. the majority leader and the speaker are both prepared to act immediately and i'm sure that the minority leader would do the same. these things happen every 17 years, it seems. avoiding them requires great skill. and it is our hope that this evening we will be able to put reasonable people in a room, the house of representatives i'm sure will do that with the conferees that will be appointed. >> it would indeed take some the skill. apparently, without a doubt. we don't know how long it will take. and again, almost everything we said that needs to be said has been said. but i would like to express my concern not to have that happen. all we had to do is simply take
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the senate bill, a clean cr that would have seen us through for six weeks to give us time to really work on some solutions here. but instead, we've come up with a fancy two-step here and we have no choice, i think, but to see that through. i do hope lessons are going to be learned from all of this. it gets difficult to run a house when only one half of it gets to talk and the other half has no input. as a matter of fact, we just now saw this, as you know. >> yes, ma'am, i do know that. >> we got hints from people that something like this was coming up. but to be really informed is something that would have been very helpful to us. so thank you, mr. chairman, we will be voting no. >> gentlewoman yields back her time. i would say with hope that -- that what senate republicans hope to do is to come to the
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table. house republicans hope to come to the table. senate democrats and house democrats and i would say that as soon as we see who those conferees are, that will tell us about that too. it's not just the fight in the dog, it's the dog in the fight. that will have a lot to do with the success of the rain dance that will have to take place now. anyone else wish to speak? seeing none, gentlewoman is recognized. >> it was just pointed out to me that under regular order of the house, any member can call for a vote on the senate proposal, but you've changed that regular order under the resolution that only the majority leader can do it. can you tell us why you did that? >> in fact, that is correct. what we're attempting to do is to actually get our people together rather than trying to make a decision. we're trying to actually have a conference and the gentlewoman knows that there are rules
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related to privileged motions that could take place almost effective immediately and we're trying to go to conference. so we think this -- >> i understand you are -- >> we think that's the quickest way to get that done. >> you change the regular order because -- >> because, because -- >> to do that under the rule. >> in fact, you're correct again. and the reason why is because we're attempting to get the four groups of people together, senator republicans and democrat, house republicans and democrats. under the rules that you know you were in reference to, there could be a motion as early tonight and it could be -- conference would be avoided. we want a conference. we want to have a -- >> well, hang on. explain that -- the motion to do what -- >> you know that there could be a privileged motion at any time once we -- >> to call for the vote on the senate -- >> i believe that -- >> i think you've taken that away. >> we took that away. because what we're -- >> how can we do it at any time. >> i said you were correct.
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we took it away and the reason why is because we want to go to conference. >> oh, mercy. >> oh, louise. the beating won't end. >> it gets deeper and deeper. >> the bottom line is, you should see the resolve that we have to gain the four groups of people we've got together. >> i see the resolve you have. despite saying ad nauseam you didn't want to shut the government down. >> that's correct. >> we spent some time downstairs in our office watching television tape of your members after they were elected in 2010 how much they would like to shut down the house, to great applaud. the fact that at any time you could have stopped this and we could have gotten it over and you would not have caused that awful disruption that we're going to see. for people who haven't been through this before, wait until the phone calls start in your office. i think it's really shortsighted. i think it is an atrocity to the
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rules of the house. and i think you're putting the whole country through this angst and aggravation that we did not need to go. this one, we could have done without. and i must tell you that i'm more and more angry now that i understand what you have done is take away our ability to really make a motion for that senate vote. >> okay. further discussion? seeing none -- the gentleman -- excuse me, excuse me, the gentleman from massachusetts is recognized. >> thank you, mr. chairman, and i know, you know, i know you're not thrilled being here. but it is frustrating after having gone through multiple rules committee meetings and all these ping-ponging back and forth that we're here today. it was you requesting that we go to conference when, in fact, for six months, the republican leadership is refused to appoint conferees on the budget and now with 60 minutes left, we're
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going to go to conference on a continuing resolution. i think -- i might -- i don't think i'm exaggerating here that by the time we finish here, by the time we get to the floor, by the time we have the debate, it will be past midnight and the government will be officially shut down. so i think this is an indication that a shutdown is unavoidable. i know you're fast talkers, but, you know, i can't imagine you working out any of your differences in the time between now and the time the government is going to shut down. and i would just say that, you know, i think it's bad news for millions of people across this country. it's bad news for this economy. i want to say one final thing to my republican friends, i make no secret of the fact that i'm a liberal democrat. and i detest the budget numbers that you have come up with. and i -- and which makes even more baffling that we're here in this predicament given the fact that in the -- in the cr, your beloved sequester numbers are
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protected. those aren't numbers that i like. and in the spirit of compromise, and of keeping the government open, i mean, if for five weeks or six weeks, i mean, i'm willing to give the vote for that continuing resolution, notwithstanding the fact that i think those numbers are awful. i really do. but even more awful is shutting the government down. and so when you talk about compromise, i understand that there are many of us who are compromising. and to even contemplate accepting those numbers is a huge deal for some of us. and for this to become not enough for the extreme right wing of your party or whoever's calling the shots, you know, too bad. compromise is a two-way street and it's not just us giving and giving and giving. you have to give a little bit too. and i appreciate the fact that you go to compromise, i hope
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your senator from texas has signed off on this, because in the past he's rejected to going to conference for fear that the debt ceiling would be part of that deal. so i don't know where you get all of the clearances from, those over in the senate. but the fact that we're here doing this at this late hour, basically you're telling us we're going shut the government down because you don't get -- you don't have enough, i think, is disgraceful. it's a failure of your leadership, it should be ashamed of themselves for getting to this point. and i said before, i think people in your party ought to put your grown-up pants on. this is not what i meant by that. this is totally avoidable. and you could bring a clean cr to the floor and democrats and republicans alike would vote for it. you know it. and -- but you're pandering to the extreme right wing of your party and, you know, the cost is
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huge to a lot of people in this country. so i -- i regret very much being here. i want to -- we do not have to be here. we can go to the floor with the clean cr right now. avoid a government shutdown. then we could go to conference on the budget. go to conference on whatever else you want. but don't hold up the -- hold up the workings of our government to make a political point. >> i thank the gentleman for yielding. >> gentleman yields back the balance of your time. >> the gentleman will allow me -- look at this side. gentleman from florida. >> thank you, mr. chairman, at 11:00, senator reid is going to take to the floor. how i know that is looking at the senate and their actions on the vote which was identical to all of the vote previous 54-46. and he asked for time to begin at 11:00. i'm just curious, is some of this scripted?
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have you or the speaker or the majority leader spoken with either the senator reid or senator mcconnell about going to conference? ed. >> in fact, that's a good question. and i cannot answer it honestly. i have spoken -- >> answer it dishonestly then. >> well, the gentleman knows i'm an eagle scout. and i told you that i don't know about the conversations that may have taken place with mr. reid or mr. mcconnell. but i have had discussions with the speaker, john boehner, and i have with the majority leader, eric can'ter. >> and i would assume -- >> i cannot answer the other side. >> clearly when we were here on -- i said that i -- i felt that the majority or my friends in the republican party had lost
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their collected minds. i no longer feel that way, i know it that you all have just lost it. it is impossible for a conference to take place before 2:00 a.m. in the morning which is the legislative drop dead date in time with the reference to the same day rule that we passed. and i'm curious about what's wrong with regular order. we've called for it repeatedly over the course of time. and it simply has not happened. since you spoke with the speaker and the majority leader, i would assume again we're watching television, i don't normally watch the shows because it's the same people saying the same damn thing all the time. i don't learn anything. the fact of the matter is, i did watch it this sunday for the reason i knew we would get to this point. and it's rand paul, the senator from kentucky, who came up with the idea, i don't know about on
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your side, but he certainly said it on television that we should go to conference. and i would assume that he thought that meant soon. i would also assume that you all have your conferees in mind. now maybe it is the chair of the appropriations committee and someone else that the majority leader or speaker may designate. but the simple fact of the matter is, mr. chairman, if you all are giving new meaning to the theater of the absurd. you would have to know that we're getting ready to shut the government down. there isn't going to be any conference between now and 2:00 a.m. in the morning. and that's when the government is going to shut down. now whether it shuts down a minute or an hour or a day, you're running terrible risks. this self-executing rule might better be described as self-mutilation. you're causing yourselves to
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burn up on legislative time and you could be about the business or could have been a the business of seeing to it that this government did not shut down. now, you're trying in all honesty to do everything except the one thing that would work. and that's bringing a clean cr here that would keep the government operating for 45 days and give you time to get past the debt ceiling and whatever leverage you were claiming that you're going to have. this is beyond ridiculous. and i know what your hope is. your hope is that the senate won't have that senator reid at 11:00 that senator reid won't accept your conference call or -- it's not a call, is it? it's an insist and request a conference and insist on the senate amendment. so assume he does not.
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then what i'm going be hearing from you all in the morning and hearing on television is it's the senate that caused this to happen, when, in fact, it's the house of representatives and their leadership and a rump conference of people that you have let mobocracy take over democrat ock are a si in this matter, particularly as it pertains to a room like this. how dare you put us in the position in the minority. what you're supposed to be protecting of not protecting that minority with rights that are ordinarily given. oh, yeah, you can do anything you want. you're the rules committee. you're strong. you can waive anything that's wrong until it's reasonable. i hope senator reid sticks it right back at you so as how you clearly understand they mean business when they say they're going to bring a clean cr. >> gentleman yields back his time. gentleman from colorado is recognized. >> thank you, mr. chairman. i -- i'm hard pressed to see how
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tonight's action is anything more than an exercise in looking busy. it only confirms that a shutdown will occur of the united states government. it's a process, a time tested process of the conference resolve differences in the house and senate that many on my side of the aisle, myself included are encouraging the speaker to move forward on with the house discrepancies between the house and the senate for many, many months. so it's a cliff we've been seeing coming for miles and miles and miles. but two months ago we didn't try to reconcile the numbers, one month ago, three months ago. and here we are at the 11th hour that's quite literally, 11:00 p.m., 11th hour before a shutdown occurs. and now without any conceivable possibility of the time to move forward on a conference for this cr, we're setting in motion a
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process to conference on the cr. so essentially we're confirming a shutdown here now, whether it's this process or some process ultimately this house, it will be the house's choice and the republicans' choice when the federal government reopens. i mean, it's up to you, mr. chairman, and your colleagues, it will be closed because the government does not have money until congress acts and appropriates the money. i -- i hope that happens sooner rather than later. it will happen. we're not -- this is not the end of the united states of america, mr. chairman, i hope not. it's not the permanent closure of the united states of america. but mr. chairman, we are temporarily closing the united states of america. and i hope that you and your colleagues and the speaker choose to reopen the united
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states government sooner rather than later. and here we are an hour before and we're debating a bill that doesn't do that, it doesn't reopen the government. and it makes us look busy as we approach the deadline. but other than that, it's not a substantial move through a store, the viability of the federal government. so i hope that we're here again sooner rather than later, mr. chairman. i hope that shortly after midnight or tomorrow or the next day, we're able to once again continue to fund the united states government, as is our responsibility here in the united states congress regardless of our policy disagreements on many, many issues that may occur. we do have a fundamental responsibility of the american people and i hope we can fulfill that sooner rather than later. i'll yield back. >> gentleman yields back his time. the gentleman from georgia is
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recognized. >> thank you, mr. chairman. just couldn't help but to -- to talk about how distressed i am by the civics lesson i'm getting here. i'll say to my friend to colorado i had no expectation of being here at 11:00 the night before a shutdown. i voted in good faith to send a package to the senate. and in return, what i got was do it my way or we're not going to do it at all. so i sat down with my colleagues, and i crafted a second package that i sent to the senate. the response to which i got back was -- do it my way or we're not going to do it at all. so i sat down with my colleagues and i crafted a third package i sent to the senate, each one more moderate than the last to which not only did folks not even have the courtesy to come into session to consider it, as you talk about deadlines looming. said we're going continue to take the weekend off and we'll come in late in the afternoon on monday as the shutdown is less than ten hours away and we'll
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dispose of these things to. the third package, they again said, do it my way, or we won't do it at all. the president of the united states proudly is taking to the air waves at every single opportunity to say there will be no negotiation. there will be no negotiation. we will do it my way or no way at all. now, i concede that there are some on my side of the aisle that have made that same attestation. but we have worked with those folks to bring them off of that ledge, to try to come together on a package that we can move forward, not as a republican package, but as a house package. not just as a house package, but a congressional package. and perhaps what you're saying is it would have been wiser not to have aoffered three packages, not to make one each more moderate than the last, not to reach the hand out that many times but to go ahead and go to
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conference at the end of last week. you may well be right about that. but we are where we are. and to suggest that somebody can sit at the other side of this building and say do it my way or no way at all. and if you won't play by my rules, the shutdown is on you is appalling to me -- appalling to me. i have federal employees in my district too. i've been showing up each and every day voting on these packages again often against the advice and counsel of my constituents who are counting on us to protect them from this. what we have in the package just rejected by the united states senate is the package that said do two things -- don't treat congress any better than you're treating the rest of america. have the decency to have one set of rules apply to everybody who's being forced into obama care. and secondly to say, you know what? if the obama administration has already said we don't have the
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software to enforce the individual mandate, we're not going to be asking states to implement the checking of the individual mandate, then for pete's sake, take it off of the books so families don't have to worry about it. we didn't get an up or down vote on the policy? we got another tabling to say this is not even worth our concern. folks, we're better than that. and i know every single one of you has the same respect that i have for our members of the appropriations committee. i think you believe the chairman of the appropriations committee and your ranking member are honorable people who will work in good faith. and i tell you the way this body has worked -- the way this body has worked has been through the conference committees where you find that common ground. now i will tell you in the 16 years that republicans have controlled this institution, that's 16 out of the last 80, there have been two government shutdowns. of course, in the 16 years that
11:06 pm
democrats controlled the institution, before that, there had been 15 shutdowns. so to craft this as some sort of republican jihad, it's offensive. we didn't need to be here. you're absolutely right. we didn't offer one package my way or the highway. we didn't offer a second package, my way or the highway. we offered three packages and said reach out. you know, the senate could have adopted the medical device tax? could have adapted the medical device tax. that bill on which the senate voted 79-20 in favor of earlier this year. and instead of trying to get something done that we agree on, something done to fund the government, something done to make america better, they didn't even have a vote on it. they tabled it and said, do it my way or we won't do anything at all. i regret that we are here. but we are here.
11:07 pm
and i -- i believe this conference offers us and my tens of thousands of federal employees back in my district a way forward. i yield back, mr. chairman. >> mr. chairman, the gentleman yeemds back his time. the gentleman seeking additional time? >> just for 30 seconds. >> i want the record to reflect the gentleman is expressing all of this outrage. you want to know what outrage is? any of the four of us who are here. you talk about whether you want to negotiate, reach out, not a single democrat was consulted in any of the packages brought to the floor. why don't you negotiate with your fellow colleagues and the house of representatives? all of us were shut out of the process. we're shut out of this process here today. and, again, go back to the gentleman from florida said? it's now 11:06. at this particular point, there's no way to avoid a
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shutdown. and that's on your shoulders. i thank the gentleman for yielding. >> i appreciate the committee -- chairman will be in receipt of a motion from the chairwoman of the grandfather committee -- >> before i make a motion -- >> gentlewoman is recognized. >> our colleague from georgia has made a very, very impassioned statement, a very eloquent statement. and i would just add one minor thing to it -- and that is that the votes we've had on the floor have been bipartisan. so what we sent to the senate have gone with a bipartisan vote. >> gentlewoman is recognized for the purpose of a motion. >> mr. chairman, i knew the committee grant a rule on the house to the consent of the
11:09 pm
amendment hjres 59 and requests conference with the senate there-on. second two of the rule provides any motion pursuant to clause 4 of rule 22 relating to hj-res 59 may be offered only by the majority leader or his designee. >> you heard the motion of the gentlewoman from north carolina? is there further discussion? one-point amendment, gentlewoman from massachusetts recognize? >> the gentle lady from california talked about the bipartisan nature of the votes and the support in what you're doing. there were bipartisan votes against what you're doing. happy to provide a list of the house of republicans that voted against the last two efforts. i want to clarify that for the record. >> further discussion or amendment? seeing none. the vote will now be on the motion by the gentlewoman, signify by saying aye. >> aye. >> those opposed, no.
11:10 pm
>> no. >> the ayes have it, ayes have it. roll call? >> ms. fox. >> yea. >> ms. fox. aye. mr. bishop? mr. bishop, aye. mr. nugent, aye. mr. webster aye. ms. ross latham, aye. ms. slaughter, no. mr. mcgovern. no. mr. hastings? no. mr. chairman, aye. clerk will report. nine yeas, four nays. the motion is agreed to. the motion is agreed to. i will be the manager. >> i will manage for the minority. >> and the gentlewoman may manage. >> are we going to go directly to the floor or do you all have a caucus? >> it is my understanding that as quickly as we get the
11:11 pm
paperwork done, we'll be down there. >> going the floor. >> the committee is now through this work.
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>> just 58 minutes to go untif of the fiscal year. the house committee needs to approve a motion to bring to the house floor and going to conference with the senate on the continuing resolution. but on the senate side of thing, harry reid said a short while ago that he opposes going to conference saying, quote, we like to resolve issues but we will not go to a conference with a gun to our heads. the majority leader says i
11:13 pm
propose the house post our clean cr. that's it. the comments of harry reid. here on c-span, we're hoping to take you live shortly to comments from democratic leader. house democratic leader nancy pelosi set to get under way shortly. you may have heard, it sounds like the house will be gavelling back in very shortly. we'll of course have live coverage when the house comes back in. but we did want to share with you the comments of president oh what earlier this evening. so in stetting the stage for the potential impact of a government shutdown, here's some of what he had to say. >> willing to work with anyone to make sure at a the affordable care act works better, to make sure our government works better. to create the new jobs faster, to get the fiscal house in order for the long run. i demonstrated this time and
11:14 pm
time again, often times to the consternation of our own party. but one faction of one party in one house of congress in one branch of government doesn't get to shut down the entire government just to refight the results of an election. keeping the people's government open is not a concession to me. keeping vital services running and hundreds of thousands of americans on the job is not something you give to the other side. it's our basic responsibility. it's something we're doing to our military, our businesses, our economy. and all of the hardworking people out there working -- the person out in the agricultural then't in a rural community out there helping farmers make sure they're making some modest profit for all of the hard work
11:15 pm
they're putting in. the person working for h.u.d. to wiing a house for a first time. one of our vets getting counseling with ptsd. that's who we're here to serve. that's how we're supposed to be carrying out the responsibility. something we need to do in the ordinary process in the system of government that we have. you don't get extract a ran some for doing your job, for doing what you're supposed to be doing anyway. or if there's a law there that you don't like. the american people sent us here to govern, they sent us here to make sure that they're doing
11:16 pm
everything they can to make their lives a little better. to create new jobs, to explore economic security, to rebuild prospects of upward mobility. that's what they expect. and they understand there are differences between the parties and we're going having some of the fights around thoesz differences. and i respect the fact that the other party is not supposed to agree with me 100% of the time just like i don't agree with them. but they do also expect that we don't bring the entire government to a halt or the entire economy to a halt just because of those differences. that's what they deserve. they worked too long for too hard to recover from previous crises to have folks here in washington to manufacture yet another one that they have to dig themselves out. so, congress needs to keep our government open. needs to pay our bills on time. and never ever threaten the full
11:17 pm
faith and credit of the united states of america. and time is running out. >> here on c-span live inside the capitol near the will rogers statue, the reporters and others waiting to hear from house democratic leader nancy pelosi. this after the house rules committee agrees and meets for a second time and agrees on a way forward. this is the -- this is the house coming back in to debate the going to conference with the senate over the cr. erica elliott is the communications director for eric cantor. she tweets out just to be clear on the cr process -- she said we will debate the rule, then vote on the rule, then debate the motion, then vote on the motion. the motion is to go to conference with the senate on the cr. but just a short while ago on the senate floor, the majority leader, harry reid, rejecting going to conference with republicans unless they passed a, quote, clean cr. the senate is still in session.
11:18 pm
maryland senator barbara mccull ski on the senate floor speaking. you can follow that on c-span 2. we'll have the house live when they gavel back in. we'll wait to hear from nancy pelosi. >> mr. speaker i yield to my friend, the gentlewoman pending which i yield such time as i may consume. >> for the purposes of debate. i ask unanimous consent that all members have five legislative days to revise and extend their remarkings. >> without objection. >> house resolution 367 of which we're here for today provides for consideration of the senate amendment to hj.res 59 to continue the appropriations act
11:19 pm
for fiscal year 2014. >> mr. speaker, at midnight tonight, just a few short hours from now, the federal government will shut down of congress, that is both the house and the senate, do not act to provide the necessary appropriations to run our government. the legislation we enforce today will ensure a shutdown does not happen. and we will take important steps to ensure that obama care, known as -- obama care is the affordable care act does not have the opportunity to hurt american jobs and continue to drag down our economy by delaying the individual mandate for one year. we want to make sure that members and their staffs the do not receive a special taxpayer subsidy. these are important issues, mr. speaker, they're being talked
11:20 pm
about all across america today. they're being talked about all across america. they were talked about on sunday at tables all across meerks families gathered together about the rightness of what we as republicans are attempting to do. and that is we're attempting to save this country and the american people the free enterprise system and free people from having to have a government-run health care system. this government-run health care system already has been estimated to cost twice what it was expected to do. and since this health care law has come into play, for every one fulltime job, there have been six part-time jobs created. we do not want a part-time working america, mr. speaker. mr. speaker our country cannot be the greatest nation in the world if we're a part-time
11:21 pm
working -- >> take you live now back to the capitol, nancy pelosi, the democratic leader. >> i would like to say good evening, it isn't a very good one. as we gather here right near statuary hall, i'm reminded that our president washington when he was leaving office cautioned against political parties that were at war with their own government. and here we are tonight. you know what they are planning to do, if you don't, chris van hollen, the ranking member for the budget committee for the house democrats has led us based on values to reduce deficit and create jobs, i'll yield to chris because he will give perspective on what's happening tonight and why it is not a good evening.
11:22 pm
chris van hollen. >> thank you. the leader said we're gathered here at a very sad point in the history of this congress. because what the house republicans are doing right now is voting for a government shutdown. we have 45 minutes to go. and instead of passing the bill already adopted by the senate, which would guarantee that we keep the government open, they're rejecting that. and instead, they're saying they want to go to conference with 45 minutes left, a recipe for shutting down the government. now, i just want everybody to be clear on one thing. we have been pressing our republican colleagues to negotiate on the budget since last march. the house passed a budget, the senate passed a budget. you may remember our colleagues making a big deal, no budget, no
11:23 pm
pay. it turns out, they weren't serious about getting a federal budget. we did get a house budget, we did get a senate budget. but no federal budget. so why don't we have a budget? because the law requires you have them meet to make compromises for the greater good. they refused to do that. i want to call your attention to a resolution we introduced in the house, democrats, way back in april, april 23, resolution -- very simple. expressing the sense of the house of representatives that the speaker should immediately request the conference to appoint conferees to complete work on 2014 budget resolution with the united states senate. that's what we introduced way back in april. what did the speaker do? he said, no. he refused to appoint anybody to
11:24 pm
negotiate on the budget. we had votes calling it from the house. calling upon the speaker to appoint budget negotiators. they voted no. they voted to deny the house an opportunity to appoint budget conferees. what happen in the senate? i believe at least 15 times? 18 times? 18 times. majority leader harry reid and the budget chairman patty murray asked to appoint conferees to work out the budget issues. and 18 times, republicans led by people like senator lee, said no. they blocked them. i would point out that senator mccain at the time said it was, quote, insane for republicans to be blocking the negotiation on the budget since they spent all of last year calling upon the senate to have a budget.
11:25 pm
now the speaker of the house earlier this year said he didn't want to engage anymore with the president and the white house on negotiations. that he wanted to go through the regular order. the regular order means appointing budget negotiators. the reason we're here today is that the speaker of the house refused to name budget negotiators in the senate republicans blocked budget negotiations. why would they do that? because you have to compromise when you go to a budget negotiation. they didn't want to do that. so instead we have a very deliberate, very calculated strategy, not to go through the negotiation negotiations but to wait until the government is on the precipice of shutdown. then they figure they don't have to compromise. they can just demand that democrats in the congress adopt their radical proposition,
11:26 pm
getting rid of the affordable care act. the government will no longer pay their bills is the next step. they believe that way they will not have to compromise by driving the federal government to the edge. and shut down and threat thanking the government will not pay its bills on time. we're eager to go to conference on the budget any time. let's not shut down the government in order to get there. let's keep the government open if we can do if we adopt the senate bill. then let's do what we have been asking for since march of this year. make the negotiation, make the compromises and get away from the idea that you're going drive the country to the precipice in order to demand your radical agenda. that's what we'd like to do. let's not shut down the
11:27 pm
government. >> any questions? >> what are your emotions -- >> you had the first question today. >> you walk up, you have happy looks on your face. >> we're unhappy. we do not want the government shut down. we have said that consistently. the government hasn't shut down for 17 years. the last time it was shut down is when the republicans were in charge of the house, 17 years later, republicans are in charge of the house, and they are focused on shutting down government. if we do not meet their demands. i think mr. van hollen has stated it very clearly that we have been willing to go to conference, the purpose of a conference is to reach compromise to reach agreement as the american people expect their members of congress to do. they understand in their own
11:28 pm
lives, they don't get it all their way. if you're a husband or a wife or a child or a parent, you knowyo the time. and so we're unhappy. because we think that shutting down the government will hurt the economy, hurt the national security, undermine any morale that's left of the american workers. they want cost-effective government, efficient government, but they don't want it shut down. >> do you see any way out of this at this point? do you see a path -- seems like speaker boehner is digging in now, saying go to conference. >> i think what the speaker is doing is doubling down and tripping down a path that it was always intended to take us down to shutting down government.
11:29 pm
they have wriggled this way and that to keep very resourceful and how they shut down government. because as harry reid said, they don't believe in government. they're anti-government idealogues, the tea party shutdown of government. the way it would be to simply go to the floor and agree to the senate language, which, by the way, is their language. to remind this is their language. they had two things they wanted to do -- they wanted to deny the 86 number and wanted to overturn the affordable care act. that hasn't succeed. we're saying to them, we're willing to accept your number for the purpose of going to the table. keep government open and go to the table. they're saying we're rejected our own number because that
11:30 pm
shuts down government and only then will we go to the table. >> what is the next step and how long do you think you anticipate the government being closed now that we know that's happening here. >> hopefully, something will happen in the next 40 minutes. but remember what this is. harry reid talked about what this meant people going to parks and bringing the families and the rest. what it means to the people who work there not getting a paycheck. these are consumers. this is going to hurt the economy by eliminating the demand that those paychecks inject into the economy. so it's about -- about everything that we do that is good for the -- for the common good being shut down and taking away the purchasing power of those who perform those tasks for the government. actually, they're not -- the 986 number takes more than $1 billion out of the national
11:31 pm
institutes of health, meals on wheels, kids on head start. it's brutal. it's brutal. but even for the sake of continuing -- keeping government open for six weeks, we're willing to accept that. but what they're doing is a luxury our country cannot afford, this anti-government ideology and what is their point? what is the answer to -- that they would give when we say why are you not taking yes for an answer? why are you not accepting your own number? >> leader pelosi. talk about the impact of -- >> out of a shut down? could democrats accept any small narrow change to obama care at all? >> no. >> no, no. there's nothing -- we always think that any bill that is passed can be improved upon. we see how it operates. is it effective, does it have consequences that can be
11:32 pm
improved upon. but you do not use the threat of shutting down government to try to advance your policy agenda. that's just not the way it works. and that's what is called irresponsible and that is why this is the tea party government shutdown. this is bigger than the affordable care act. this is their way of saying we're going have new order here. as the ranking member said, we don't want to negotiate with the president. when the president said how would you like to go forward, we want the regular order. members of congress negotiating with members of congress, reconciling our differences and going forward. we all welcomed that. and then the bill passed both houses, they walked away from it. this is a frosty fight for
11:33 pm
really the -- the debate on the extent of government and that has been a debate in the history of our country. but to say no government, well, that's what president washington cautioned against. >> i want to call on other members to anticipate or respond to some of what they've heard already. >> tomorrow in my home state, the statue of liberty will have a closed time. the last time it was because of a hurricane. this time it's republican ideology. it's unforgivable. second point is this, the american people deserve two things -- a government that stays open and a congress that communicates. our view is we should keep the government open and communicate with a conference. the republican view is you can only do one -- you can talk but close the government. and the american people deserve better than that. >> can you support the language
11:34 pm
in their bill. >> i do not. >> why not? >> because the -- >> first of all, as i said a little earlier, that's not a real issue. the issue here is whether we keep government on behalf of the american people open. that's a distraction and a -- not real. >> they're fakers. they want us to vote against it over and over again. >> we ought not to be distracted from the issue. the issue is whether or not that congress of the united states will take responsibility for what the american people expect of us than is make sure their government is open, serving them, serving them effectively, and not abandoning them. that's what this issue is about.
11:35 pm
there was an election. and that election had two basic issues -- one was revenues, and one was health care. president obama won that election. they are in denial about that fact. they don't have the presidency. they don't have the senate. and as newt gingrich said, when he made an agreement with president clinton to fund government, and he had a lot of his right wing say that is -- we don't want to agree with clinton, he said i want to speak to my perfectionist caucus, speaking right at those who were objecting the deal he made -- the agreement he made, the compromise he made. now, there wasn't a conference per se, but it was an agreement. what he said with to them was, look, we cannot have it all our own way. because the american people have elected a democratic president, bill clinton, democrats and republicans in the united states senate don't agree with us and
11:36 pm
democrats in the house of representatives don't agree with us. we've got compromise. newt gingrich was right then. john boehner ought to follow his advice now. >> his advice now is not good. of the rules of the u.s. house of representatives, the clerk received the following message from the secretary of the senate on september 30, 2013, at 10:00 p.m. that the senate disagreed to the amendment of the house to the amendment of the senate to the joint resolution. house joint resolution 59. signed, sincerely, karen l. haas. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from texas seek recognition? mr. sessions: mr. speaker, i send to the desk a privileged report from the committee on rules for filing under the rule. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the title. the clerk: report to accompany house resolution 368, resolution
11:37 pm
relating to consideration of the joint resolution, house joint resolution 59, making continuing appropriations for fiscal year 2014 and for other purposes. the speaker pro tempore: referred to the house calendar and ordered printed. for what purpose does the gentleman from texas seek recognition? mr. sessions: mr. speaker, by direction of the committee on rules, i call up house resolution 368 and ask for its immediate consideration. the speaker pro tempore: the clerk will report the resolution. the clerk: house calendar number 63, house resolution 368, resolved that the house hereby, one, takes from the speak's table the joint resolution, house joint resolution 59, making continuing appropriations for fiscal year 2014 and for other purposes. with the house amendment to the senate amendment thereto. two, insist on its amendment. and, three, request a conference with the senate thereon. section 2, any motion pursuant to clause 4 of rule 22 relating
11:38 pm
to house joint resolution 59 may be offered only by the majority leader or his designee. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized for one hour. mr. sessions: thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, for the purpose of debate only, i yield the customary 30 minutes to the gentlewoman, my friend, the ranking member of the rules committee from new york, ms. slaughter, pendsing which i yield myself such time as i may consume. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, and the gentleman from texas is recognized for as much time as he wishes to consume. mr. sessions: mr. speaker, during consideration of this resolution, all time is yielded for the purpose of debate only. mr. speaker, i ask unanimous consent that all members have five legislative days in which to revise and extend their remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection, so ordered. mr. sessions: house resolution 368 directs the house of representatives go to conference with the senate to resolve differences between the two chambers on how to appropriately fund the federal government. like any other time, the house goes to a conference, mr. speaker, the minority will have
11:39 pm
an opportunity to instruct conferees and have their ideas heard. for nearly three weeks, this body, the united states house of representatives, has made numerous legitimate efforts to find a compromise to avoid a government shutdown. unfortunately, the senate in a mahan jordan leet -- majority leader, mr. reid, and senate democrats have been unwilling to negotiate and stonewalled any attempt to find common ground. no one wants a government shutdown but mr. reid's unwillingness to work with house republicans to find a solution is what brings us to a point now this evening. you know that we want to get our work done tonight. i urge my colleagues to vote yes on the rule and i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas reserves the balance of his time. the gentlelady from new york is recognized. ms. slaughter: thank you very much, mr. speaker. and i thank the gentleman for yielding me the customary 30 minutes. i yield myself such time as i
11:40 pm
may consume. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from new york is recognized for as much time as she wishes to consume. ms. slaughter: thank you, sir. let me be clear, the proposal before us is nothing but another way to run out the clock. i think while we're speaking here, just a little while, basically we will find in 20 minutes -- 21 minutes, because i think we'll go one minute after midnight, this government will shut down. this amazing government that we are supposed to be overseeing, america, united states can't manage its business and shows to the rest of the world that -- the fact that trying to stop a bill you hate that is the law of the land, that has been already verified by the supreme court as to its constitutionality, and that our president won an election handily when this was the main idea. i don't believe anymore that this is the product of a few
11:41 pm
people with strange ideas. this is the republican party. i think people who have the news on at every idle moment was quite stunned to watch a caucus or a republican conference over and the members coming out absolutely gleeful, many of them expressing glee, one of them said he was almost giddy with joy, about closing down the house. earlier this evening, i saw after the 2010 elections some new members who were saying, this is again on the news, that their suspension intention was to shut down the house -- that their intention was to shut down the house. well, they've done it. any time we could have take be up a clean bill for the senate, all when he to do was vote for that senate amendment resolution and pass that here, which could have done easily with bipartisan votes, it would then have gone to the president of the united
11:42 pm
states. and government workers could sleep easier tonight if we'd done that. they're not going to have to worry about paying the rent or buy grocery or be able to pay the tuition for their child in college. what we are doing to the psychee of america, not we, i'm not going to say that again, the universal we, what the republicans are doing to the psychee of america will be a long time in healing. i think it knows no bounleds and we want to say again that if anybody has any mistaken notions that the democrats were involved in there, -- in there, there are no democrat fing beerprints on any of these bills. i say that again. democrats had no input at all at any time on what any of these bills were going to say. and the greatest manner before the house of representatives to keep the government going. to meet our obligations, to fund
11:43 pm
the government. in fact, by cutting out the people's representatives on my side of the house, almost half the people of the united states, voices were stilled throughout this whole process. the only time we got to talk was when we were up here. and we were trying to run and catch up to see what was going on. we had no idea what this was about. if this was coming tonight. we were able to pick up bits and pieces maybe off the floor and had some people pass around some things that maybe they heard but the whole democrat side has been shut out, not just on this measure, but almost everything in the world that we have done in this term. the last term as well. now, i don't want anybody to forget that, because everybody's going to yell if something goes wrong here, they're going to try to blame it on us. it's not on us. i've never seen anything like this. and in addition, for well over mocratic sidehis de
11:44 pm
has begged, cajoled, done everything that they could to try to get this house to appoint conferees and to go to conference with the senate of the united states on bills that each chamber had already passed. we couldn't do the farm bill, we can't do much of anything. and i said earlier today, one of the reasons is sequestration, so that when we got through one or two appropriations bills, they'd run out of money and there was no way in god's earth we could have ever done the one through 12 that we needed to do. but even that hasn't caused any idea of changing what we're doing. and we want to be a part of that. we would like to take the six weeks, imagine on one hand we're appointing conferees for a six weeks measure, when we wouldn't do it for the budget of the federal government. now, we would like to be as much a part of it as we can. we're trying to deal with a debt
11:45 pm
limit and certainly to do away with the sequestration that even my friend, mr. rogers of the appropriations committee, said was far too draconian and that this government would be seriously underfunded. but tonight here we are, tragically here and let me see now, it's 15 minutes away from a time where it will be useless. so i'm not going to say anything more about we can take up another bill, we can pass it, we go to the president, sign it, we could avoid it, it's simply too late. if anybody believes this is not the plan, how could you with any common sense at all think that we have moved to this plan point, without changing from the left to the right, we're moving ahead, throwing up every kind of thing on a clean c.r. that would kill it when it arrived at the senate.
11:46 pm
when we get to the debt limit, the christmas list they want to pass, again, holding the country hostage is what we have ahead of us. given a clear choice between serving our country and serving ideology within these ranks, the majority has chose to stand against the country and shut the government down. make no mistake about it, there is going to be a locality lot of hurt. all i can do is urge everyone on our side of the house to vote no for no other reason because the rules of the house being broken and regular order being soy far from reality. in fact, this rule, rules of the house say that any member can call for a vote on the senate bill. but this rule takes that away from everybody but the majority
11:47 pm
leader. very little is left on our side except to vote no and hope for goodness that when this is over and this pain is out there, we can move as quickly as possible to try to right this dreadful wrong that is about to land on the american people. i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady reserves. the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. sessions: i hope we really find a way to avoid that by agreeing to a conference. i think a conference is important. the united states house of representatives will be on a vote in a few minutes. but we're asking for that. i believe the american people trying we're doing is to resolve the differences that we have. as you know, mr. speaker, our first c.r. was a clean c.r. at
11:48 pm
sequester levels and simply defunding obamacare. our second c.r. was a clean c.r. with a one-year delay of the entire obamacare law. d the third was p clean c.r. and removal of members of congressional staff. i have during these times found that some of the wise counsel that i have received in the deliberations that i have had and the duties and responsibilities i have had as the chairman of the rules committee, leaned upon several people, one of them is here. the chairman of the appropriations committee, the gentleman from kentucky, mr. hal rogers. mr. rogers has provided me and i hope i provided him some bit of working knowledge of what we were trying to accomplish, a
11:49 pm
house and ccommodate senate members to complete more work on appropriations. that is still a part of the goal that we're going to tonight to go to conference so we can fund the government and get it done right. i would like toll yield three minutes to the distinguished the gentleman from kentucky, the gentleman from from the appropriations committee, mr. rogers. >> the gentleman from kentucky is recognized for three minutes. mr. rogers: thank you for those kind words and likewise, i have relied upon the gentleman for advice all through this process as well and i appreciate his leadership in this body, especially as chairman of the very important rules committee. the senate has just rejected the house's third attempt to avoid a government shutdown. this body has voted time and time again to keep the lights on in our government and to stop
11:50 pm
the train wreck that is obamacare. unfortunately, our colleagues in the senate have rejected these offers and refused to come to the table to find a solution. to be absolutely clear, the house has debated and approved three separate continuing resolutions. these bills do what they are named for. they continue government. we do not want a shutdown. and we have done what we have can to avoid it. iven the situation at hand, we sill request a conference to the senate. our challenges are great. are not insurmountable. this conference will provide a venue to discuss the differences between the house and senate, have productive negotiations and come to a final agreement that most can support.
11:51 pm
in some ways, mr. speaker, this is a logical next step when the house and senate are unable to resolve their differences on other pieces of critical legislation, the appropriate action is to appoint a conference. this is the time-honored way of this great body. this isn't the first, second or third choice of many members here tonight. it's not my first choice either, but i believe this motion can help us move forward and provide light.t a gleam of i urge an aye vote. and i yield back and thank the chairman for the time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from texas reserves. the gentlelady from new york is recognized. ms. slaughter: i yield three minutes to the the gentleman from colorado, mr. polis. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for three minutes. mr. polis: as we watch this
11:52 pm
train wreck in slow motion, this republican shutdown of government, i ask myself in trying to understand what the republican majority is doing, why, why are they seeking to close down government. is it because some of them are against government and want to see it closed and i think it's been quoted this is exactly what they have wanted. that might be the case for a few of them. but i don't think most republicans want to abolish the united states of america government. i think that's a position that very few republicans hold. why are they closing the government? i understand that many of them don't like the obamacare, a law that was passed by the house and senate and signed by the president and upheld by the supreme court. some of them don't like that. some americans are uncomfortable and want to learn more about it, how does it help their families.
11:53 pm
but the american people don't want to see our government close down over disagreeing with the particular law. and that seems to be what my friends on the other side are arguing. they are arguing, you know what? we have been unable to repeal this law. we have been unable to pass the bill in the house and senate and send it to the senate and the president sign it. we have been unable to follow the constitution to get what we want. so we'll shut down government until we get what we want. and by the way, we want a lot. we want to change a law that was passed by the senate and house and signed by the president. we want to change the way that benefits are conducted. we want to change different tax systems.
11:54 pm
these are all policy discussions to be had through our process. some of these things have been passed by house of representatives and either rejected by the senate or awaiting action in the senate. but that's the genius of the founding fathers in setting up our constitutional system. it's to provide for a way to pass laws that had broad buy-in by the american people and the checks and balances that have kept our democracy strong for over two centuries. and here today, we are short circuiting that. the republicans are saying, we are going to close down the entire federal government. this is the most powerful, strongest country the earth has. we are going to shut down the government. we are going to shut down because we can't pass our laws the way we want. you know what? the country has elected a
11:55 pm
president. this was discussed in the presidential elections and senate elections over and over again. in five minutes, this bill does nothing to change that. we won't have an operating federal government. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the chair will receive a message. the messenger: mr. speaker, a message from the senate. the secretary: i have been directed by the senate to inform he house the house has pass s. especiallybe granted immigration status in which the concurrence of the house is requested. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. sessions: we just entertained a piece of legislation that came from the senate. there's a lot of business that needs to be done. we had the gentleman, hal
11:56 pm
rogers, who spoke very favorably, not only about his optimism about being able to work through this with his colleagues, not only the alsoewoman nita lowey, but the working relationship that the appropriations committee has with our senate colleagues. and i think if there's one thing that is a takeaway from tonight, and that is that hal rogers, a man who has been in this body for a long period of time and great wisdom and not only about the running of government, but of i think a good bit optimism and his desire to make sure that good things happen. and that's what hal rogers was on this floor. i would like to three -- yield three minutes to the the
11:57 pm
gentleman from texas, dr. burgess. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. burgess: mr. speaker, you have to ask yourself, most americans do understand the concept of fairness. when did fairness become a partisan issue? certainly tonight, it seems that's the case. no secret. i opposed the affordable care act as soon as i heard the first time. op on owesed it in committee, on the house floor, opposed the senate bill and opposed it every opportunity. yes, there have been multiple attempts to repeal it since the republicans took the majority in 2011. some of them got passed by the senate and signed by the president. there have been restrictions over the past three years. but honestly, the changes that have occurred to the affordable
11:58 pm
care act that have been the most dramatic and most profound are those changes brought about by the president itself, the administration itself. they are like the delayer in chief. i have had constituents email me and text me and say what blog post do i need to follow if i'm going to keep up with the changes. i have had an h.r. director say what tweeter feed should i follow. is there an instagram feed i should follow. and we have discussed in the past several days the fact that condition ting program that the president and peaker pelosi, no one can sign up for the federal pre-existing program. there were supposed to be caps on out of pocket expenses.
11:59 pm
those got delayed by a whim and we are familiar with july 2. the employer aside and three days later, all of the reporting requirmentse were laid aside. people are concerned that parts of this law seemed expendable but don't know which parts are. the most egregious one is the one that happened in august, right before this body went back to their district work period where the fundamental fairness, where a different set of rules were going to apply to members of congress and constituents do not understand that. this week, we had the opportunity to repair that correct with our constituents. that went over to the senate tonight and that failed. i wish that it hadn't. perhaps we could be talking about the funding of the government until december 15 and things could continue on as planned, but it didn't work out issueay, about -- but the
12:00 am
isn't going to go away. people are going to be asking us questions, why couldn't we set on the issue of fundamental fairness and keep the government open. i thank the gentleman for yielding and i yield back. mr. poe: we reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentlelady from new york is recognized. mrs. lowey: it is midnight and the great government of the united states is now closed. i yield three minutes to the gentleman from massachusetts, mr. mcgovern. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from is recognized. mr. mcgovern: i thank the gentlelady. . our republican friends say they're coming here to try to keep the government open. they're here and they're presiding over a congress that is -- that has now shut the u.s. government down. after six months of refusing to go to conference on the budget,
12:01 am
18 times, i've been told the republicans objected to going to conference on the budget with the senate, now they say they want to conference committee, when it's too late, it's past midnight now, the government has been shut down? this is both cynical and it's disgraceful. republicans have shut down the government of the united states of america. and i would say to my republican friends, you own this. this is your shutdown. this represents an absolute failure of your leadership. real people in this country, your constituents, are going to be hurt by your inability to do your job. now, the funding levels in the continuing resolution are unbelievably low. they are at your beloved sequester levels. you should be declaring victory that the senate actually agreed to your low numbers. but that's not enough. that's not enough. you had to overreach. you had to add in the dismantling of the affordable care act and 1,000 other things that were pet projects of the
12:02 am
tea party, right wing and your party. and the fact of the matter is, you knew all along that the president would never sign a bill that dismantled the affordable care act, nor should he, nor would the senate go along with that. but you did it anyway. you are shutting down this government because you didn't get your way. i would say to my friends on the other side of the aisle that elections in the united states of america still do matter. and your candidate for president lost badly and this was his number one issue. to repeal the affordable care act. your senate candidates lost badly. and in fact, you lost even the house and the democrats got a million more votes than you did in house elections. but because of some very clever redistricting you were able to hold onto the majority. the american people rejected your call to overturn the affordable care act and the american people overwhelmingly do not want you to shut this government down, which you have just done two minutes ago. this is the people's house. we're supposed to be doing the
12:03 am
people's business. we're not supposed to be doing the business of some right-wing senator from texas, you know, who somehow wants to run for president and wants to get the tea party all excited. i mean, you're supposed to represent your constituents. we all are. we all are. and our constituents, the people of this country, do not want the united states government to shut down. this is a failure of your leadership. i would say this, there's one way for us to kind of make things better at this point. let us bring a clean continuing resolution to the floor. a clean bill, a clean c.r., even with those low levels that i have problems with, i guarantee you that it will pass with democratic votes and republican votes. we can reverse the shutdown now by bringing a clean continuing resolution to the floor. please do it. please don't shut this government down. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentlelady from new york reserves. the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. sessions: thank you, mr. speaker. at this time i'd like to yield three minutes to one of the
12:04 am
clearest thinkers in our party, a second-term member from new york, the gentleman, congressman reed. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new york is recognized for two minutes. mr. reed: thank you, mr. speaker. i thank the gentleman for yielding. ladies and gentlemen, let us be clear as to what we did tonight. we sent a request to the united tates senate to simply treat all americans equally. under obamacare. we sent a request to the senate, keep the government open because the president has chosen to give a pass to big business for one year, we're asking to give that pass to american individuals for one year. the law isn't ready. my colleagues on the other side of the aisle know it's not ready. why can't we just treat american citizens, individuals the same
12:05 am
as our president, by his executive order has said big business should get a pass? and most egregiously, why wouldn't you agree with us that members of congress should not be treated any differently under the law? you know the truth. to my colleagues on the other side of the aisle, mr. speaker, members of congress are getting special treatment under this law because of what harry reid and the president did through the o.p.m. our contributions for our health insurance premiums, as we go into the exchanges, are different and not allowed to every other american citizen. so what we stood up for tonight was a simple request. we will keep this government open. but let's just treat american citizens no differently, no
12:06 am
special treatment for members of congress. american citizen noes different than big business -- citizens no different than big business. why don't you join us? why don't you join us in those commonsense reforms that americans across the country are saying, we don't want this law, it's not ready to go. but at a minimum, just treat us the same as bist big business america -- as big business america. treat us the same. and don't give members of congress, yourselves, to my friends across the aisle, special treatment under the law. that's simple -- that simple agreement would have kept the government open. and i hope, i hope that you will heed that fundamental call for f.a.a. fairness -- for fairness. but yet you turn your ear to the
12:07 am
american people. and the u.s. senate turned a deaf ear to the american people and said, we're going to continue the status quo and that somehow us in washington, d.c., should be treated differently. i reject that message. i reject that notion. and stand for equality for all americans. with that i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from texas reserves. the gentlelady from new york. mrs. lowey: mr. speaker, -- ms. slaughter: mr. speaker, i'm compelled to say this, a member of congress being treated like everyone else in the country, we would be the only group that's forced not to take our employers' health insurance. and i would like to yield three minutes now to the gentleman from maryland, a distinguished ranking member of the committee on budget who has tried valiantly to do away with sequestration, mr. van hollen. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from maryland is recognized for three minutes. mr. van hollen: thank you, mr. speaker. i thank the ranking member. since the very moment the affordable care act was passed,
12:08 am
we have heard a massive campaign of misinformation and distortions from our republican colleagues. from the beginning we heard about death panels. then we heard it was going to be the government takeover of health care. that earned them the independent politfact lie of the year in the year 2010. and tonight, mr. speaker, we just hear massive distortions. and what's shameful is that they want to use that now as a cover to shut down the united states government. they want to use that so that tomorrow millions of americans can't sign up for access for affordable care. these members of congress, all of us, we have affordable care. but tomorrow you want to deny that affordable care to millions of americans and take it away from the millions of americans who already have protection as a result of the affordable care act. that is shameful. now, mr. speaker, this notion
12:09 am
that they're going to go to conference on the continuing resolution is a figure leaf. it's not going -- fig leaf. it's not going to get them any political cover. the only way to keep the government open tonight, which is now closed, was to take up the senate continuing resolution and fund the government. and yes, then we should go to conference on the budget. mr. speaker, we've been trying to go to conference on the budget to negotiate our differences since march. when this house passed a budget and the senate passed a budget. in fact,, back in april, myself and our democratic colleagues introduced a very simple resolution saying that the speaker should obey the regular order and appoint budget negotiators here from the house to meet with the senate. what did the speak doer? nothing. he blocks the ability -- speaker do? nothing. he blocks the ability to have those budget negotiations. we voted on it three times in this house. my republican colleagues voted against the opportunity to
12:10 am
appoint budget negotiators. and the united states senate, what happened? on 18 occasions, senator lee and other republican senators blocked the effort to go to budget negotiations. now, senator mccain said that was insane for republicans in the senate to do. because he pointed out that our republican colleagues claim that they wanted to work on these budget negotiations all along. they said, no budget, no by a. what they forgot to tell the american -- pay. what they forgot to tell the american people was they didn't meat mean the federal budget. they mean the house passes a budget and the senate passes a budget, but then they were going to block the effort to negotiate the differences. why would you block that, mr. speaker? because when you go to a budget negotiation, you got to compromise. you got to meet the other party halfway. and you've got a tea party right wing in this house that refuses to compromise. and so what did they say? we're not going to go to conference, we're going to vote three times against negotiations . in may, in june and july.
12:11 am
no negotiations. if i could have another 30 seconds? ms. slaughter: i yield the gentleman another half minute. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for 30 seconds. mr. van hollen: i thank the gentlelady. what do you do if you don't want to negotiate, you don't want to compromise? you back the country up against the wall. and here we are. here we are with that strategy. the idea is, since you don't want to compromise in the regular order, let's try and get what we want by threatening to shut down the united states government. and if that doesn't work, we're going to make sure the united states government can't pay its bills on time. so that we can enact a radical agenda that way, because you're not willing to do it through the regular process of compromise. so, nobody should be fooled about this idea of trying to get fig leaf cover and try to go to conference on. this we should have voted on the bill, kept the government open. it's a shameful day for the united states government and especially this congress. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentlelady from new york reserves. the gentleman from texas is
12:12 am
recognized. mr. sessions: thank you very much, mr. speaker. you know, mr. speaker, the republicans came to the floor of the house several weeks ago. we've con it -- we've done it lots of times. probably had 41 votes on obamacare. we've talked about how $716 billion was cut from senior care , medicare. we think that's a problem. we think that was wrong. we think pushing this off on seniors is the wrong thing to do. we know the cost to employers, we're learning more and more and more about, you know what -- mr. speaker, it is my time. i do appreciate the gentleman, because i know what he's going to tell me. he's going to say, well, we used that money in our budget. in fact, you -- we did. mr. van hollen: you did. mr. sessions: in fact, we did. mr. van hollen: thank you. that's exactly -- thank you, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. the house will be in order. mr. sessions: because this was an action that was done three
12:13 am
years ago and we're trying to repeal the bill that took $716 billion from seniors. we disagreed with it. but after three years, you have to use the money. and so what we're doing is we promised at that time that we would stay after it. so, look, the gentleman's the one that voted for it. not one republican voted to take the money. i know what their dialogue is. mr. van hollen: will the gentleman yield on that point? mr. sessions: i appreciate the gentleman. he's a very dear friends of mine. i know they're frustrated when we tell the truth about how bad this bill is. the cost to employers, delta airlines, marched up to the white house in february and said, hey, guys, just so you know, going to cost delta irlines over $100 million this year. the first year. it's going to cost $100 million. trust me. they were listening over there. that may be why they said,
12:14 am
whoops, we'll let business off the hook. they should have done the same thing for everybody. but, mr. speaker, that's part of why we're here, we're here for fairness. what do members of congress hear had they go back home? they hear a lot of things, but here is the one that we hear more than anything. and what we hear about is that there have been seven part-time jobs created for every one full-time job in america. now, mr. speaker, that is not what we were promised. and we talked a lot about what republicans have said and not said and what's right and wrong. what is true is the president of the united states stood right here and said, not one dime of taxpayer money. and you can keep the insurance that you've got if you want it. that's our promise to the american people. well, mr. speaker, since obamacare has passed, there have been -- for every seven
12:15 am
part-time jobs that were created, only one full-time job. we're becoming a part-time-job nation. mr. speaker, you cannot, you cannot be the greatest nation in the world as an economic power, you cannot get kids, our young children, to want to go to college for a part-time job. it's just not working well. so, that's why the republican party is here. that's why we have members here tonight. that's why we've sent three c.r.'s, that's why we have to determine how do we go to the first offer, second offer, third offer. we are asking to appoint confer ease and talk about the issues and ideas and find room for compromise and do something
12:16 am
better. that's what we're asking for and i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentlelady from new york is recognized. ms. slaughter: all we are doing here is an exercise in futility, minutes to mrs. lowey. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from new york is recognized for two minutes. mrs. lowey: mr. speaker, so now republicans want to negotiate. after the shutdown clock has struck down the witching hour after insisting of your way or the highway of demanding are peel of the affordable care. the republicans are saying please negotiate. this isn't a motion to go to conference or negotiate. there is no time to do that. this is a motion to strike down our negotiate.
12:17 am
and the republicans have said no at every time. rgive me if i remain skeptical. republicans can stop this shutdown right now if they bring to the floor the c.r. that removes the provisions that house republicans insist upon. this stunt tonight doesn't end one thing to end the government shutdown. we should call it what it is. a last-ditch attempt to not be blamed for a government shutdown. this is too little too late and greet this motion with the same sin civil which it was offered. i urge my colleagues to vote no. . the gentlelady is yielding back. mr. sessions: i yield to the gentleman from texas, congressman joe barton.
12:18 am
the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas is recognized for three minutes. bart bart -- mr. barton: i rise in support of this ressligse. it is past midnight. officially, the government is shut down. that is not a good thing, whether you are republican or a democrat. we have been arguing politically the last several weeks various proposals to fund the government short-term in a continuing ress louis and been having debates on the debt ceiling. if you are like me, most of your constituents, regardless if they are republicans or democrats saying why can't you get together and work thins out, i think the republican leadership in the house has been trying to do that. i know there is some dreement about that, but in any event, we have come up with this novel
12:19 am
idea, let's go to conference. now i know a lot of the junior members on both sides of the aisle don't know what a conference is, but it's where the house and the speaker and the house minority leader each appoint a certain amount of members rnings normally senior members of the committee of jurisdiction and the senate majority leader and senate minority leader appoint members of their respective parties and if they do it according to regular order, lo and be hold the members meet and discuss things. house republicans would put proposals on the table, house democrats would and senate republic caps and democrats, and argue it and then take a vote. if the house members agree, that's the position. if the senate votes and they agree, that's the position.
12:20 am
if they don't agree, they have a stale mate, but at least we would be talking. and it would be members, not leadership, rank and file members. and it's just possible if they open the conference, c-span could cover it and the american people could see what's going on. there is no pre-ordained outcome, mr. speaker, but it would be good for democracy. on the e why my friends minority side don't want to go to conference with the senate. i would assume that nita lowey would head the democrat conferees and hal rogers would head -- that's up to the speaker and minority leader. i trust them. we can disagree on what the solution is, but for heavens
12:21 am
sake, i can't say we captain agree doing what the rules say we should do, is somehow partisan and is somehow a negative thing. i rise in strong support of the rule. i rise in strong support of the resolution that we should go to conference with the other body. hopefully make it an expeditious conference and work this out and yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. the gentleman from texas reserves. the gentlelady from new york is recognized. ms. slaughter: i yield two minutes to the gentleman from pennsylvania, ranking member of the appropriations subcommittee on commerce, justice and science, mr. fattah. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from pennsylvania is recognized for two minutes. mr. fattah: i have seen this act before, but most americans don't recall the shutdown under the clinton administration. what they call is the 25 million jobs, moving our economy forward, having peace and prosperity, and i would bet that 20 years from now this fleeting
12:22 am
moment is not going to be recalled by many people in our country. they are going to think about the 22 months of straight employment gains, the auto industry, bringing our young people home from iraq. this majority has organized this brilliantly. the affordable health care exchanges are open but they have managed to shut the national parks and do a lot of other damage to our reputation even by this meaningless shutdown. senator mikulski has said, she will be glad to go to conference once we pass a c.r. so the government stays open. what the majority comes up with, we want to go to conference. his isn't going to go to work. the obama record, from don't
12:23 am
ask, don't tell, to wall street reform and stimulus and opening the doors to health care for tens of millions of americans who didn't have the access to go to the marketplace, those are going to be open and stay open no matter what this majority does and never again is health care going to be denied to people who are american citizens to the american people. i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady reserves. the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. sessions: our republican members come from diverse sections of this country. we get together, we talk and listen to each other about what people are hearing from back home. one of the clearest voices in that discussion that we have had is a gentleman from dallas, texas, who represents largely
12:24 am
rural district, people who get up and go to work every day, people who have a lot at risk, people who care about this country, men and women who provide their children and children who are part of the military, they believe in this it try and they know what requires, vigilance and every day you have to stay after it and one of the clearest voices is the chairman of the financial services, the gentleman from from dallas, texas and i yield at this time. mr. hensarling: i thank the gentleman for yielding and i thank the chairman from the rules committee for his leadership in trying to get america back to work to take us off the road to bankruptcy and to ensure that there is fairness for all americans, because you
12:25 am
know, mr. speaker, as i listen to this debate i'm sure the americans on perhaps a little bit more western time zone hopefully are still following this, but if they aren't, i could understand they could get con tuesdayed. we are down to debating two different matters here. should the bosses in america get a better deal than their employees in obamacare? that's what we are debating here. and more importantly, mr. speaker, should members of congress get a better deal than every other american in house republicans say no. that's not fair. that's not equal protection under the law. our friends on the other side of the aisle are now saying no. no. no.
12:26 am
they are going to protect this sweetheart deal. it's not in the law. ladies and gentlemen, they want to protect this sweetheart deal and people wonder why there is skepticism about congress, about why washington elites get to have a better deal than everybody else because they know more. obama now members of administration are going to get subsidies. is this fair? is this fair, mr. speaker? i think not. clearly, clearly the other side the aisle wants to preserve this special deal for members of congress, granted by the president of the united states. where's the fairness in that,
12:27 am
mr. speaker? where's the fairness inletting employers -- no. no. we will give you a year delay. but no. no. no no people who pay the taxes. that's what this debate is about. so we have one party who because they won't treat employees as well as their employees, because they are preserving a sweetheart deal are prepared to shut down the government. that's what we are debating. we've got two matters. mr. speaker, we have come time after time after time in the spirit of negotiation, but no, the president will negotiate with iranians and negotiate with syria and negotiate with sush yeah but won't negotiate with
12:28 am
americans if they happen to be republicans. no. no. no. o negotiation. again, is that any surprise that america gets cynical? why is this, mr. speaker? is it arrogance, is it pride? we know that this law is not perfect. already, the president has signed several changes into obamacare and we have had delay after delay after delay. income verification delay. out of pocket cost limitations, delayed. small business -- three, four days ago. the president was ex tolling the virtues. 20 minutes later, his administration announces another delay. mr. sessions: give the gentleman an additional minute. >> so it seems to me, mr.
12:29 am
speaker, the president of the united states has perhaps realized that his signature law is not perfect. all house republicans are saying in a spending bill and ladies and gentlemen, this does spend money, this isn't some little side show. this is what we do in the constitution, the congress has the power of the purse. it's not the power of the rubber stamp but the power of the puffers. power of is about the purse. hases -- mr. president, how can you decide that members of congress to play indicate them this are going to get a sweetheart deal.
12:30 am
our friends on the other side of the aisle are defending it, refusing to support a conference. we need fairnessto t american people. yield back. the speaker pro tempore: members are reminded to address all comments to the chair. the gentlelady from new york is recognized. ms. slaughter: mr. speaker, i am pleased to yield two minutes to the gentleman from new jersey, mr. andrews. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new jersey is recognized for two minutes. mr. andrews: i ask unanimous consent to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. mr. andrews: mr. speaker, over three years ago the house and senate approved and the president signed the affordable care act. our friends on the other side said it was unconstitutional. the supreme court said they were wrong. they nominated a candidate for president of the united states who said if he was elected the first thing he would do is repeal the affordable care act. the voters said they were wrong. and tonight their obsession
12:31 am
continues and they have shut down the united states government because of that obsession. the american people will rise up and join us and say, you were wrong twice before, and you're wrong again this time. this is the wrong thing to do for the american public. there's a way out of this debacle. it's to put on the house floor a bill that passed the united states senate, that the president says he would sign, that most of us believe a majority of this house would vote for right now. so i want to ask the chairman of the rules committee if he would agree with me that the right and decent thing to do is to put on this floor right now the senate bill so we can have an up a or down d vote. will the chairman -- an up-or-down vote. will the chairman do that? i yield. mr. sessions: the house has attempt lead it times to send something over and it's come back rejected every time. mr. andrews: reclaiming my time. will the chairman agree that the
12:32 am
fair thing to do would be to put the senate bill on the floor so each member could cast an up-or-down vote? i yield. mr. sessions: the qui i have is did the senate pass the bill. mr. andrews: reclaiming my time. the senate passed a bill keeping the government running at your numbers, that you wanted in the budget. we are asking, give every member of this house a fair up-or-down vote on that bill. i yield, will you do that? the speaker pro tempore: the house will be in order. mr. sessions: if you put back in the language we asked for, we'll be very pleased to agree to it. i thank the gentleman. mr. andrews: i ask the gentlelady for 30 more seconds. 15 more seconds. ms. slaughter: 30. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognize fodded for 30 seconds -- is recognized for 30 seconds. mr. andrews: my colleagues, mr. speaker, when people in politics don't want to say yes or no, they just keep talking. we could do a lot more tonight than just keep talking.
12:33 am
we could cast a vote that would say to the american taxpayers, the services you're still paying for you're going to get tomorrow morning. the absence of that vote from the majority should tell you all you need to know. they're afraid to put that vote on the floor because they would lose. well, the american people are losing because of their bankrupt and invalid choice. yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentlelady from new york reserves and the gentlelady from new york has seven minutes remaining. the gentleman from texas is recognized and the gentleman from texas has five minutes remaining. mr. sessions: mr. speaker, thank you very much. you know, our great government on october 1 was going to be open for health care. mr. speaker, all anybody has to do is go online right now and try and sign up for this after years of our friends in the
12:34 am
obama administration getting ready. and it said, i'm sorry, your account could not be done. the system is unavailable. so, here we are at the great day mandatory , 12:30, funding by the government, can't et in the way of that, right here. system unavailable for the american public. why? -- why am i not surprised? i reserve my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas reserves. the gentlelady from new york is recognized. ms. slaughter: mr. speaker, i am pleased to yield one minute to the gentlewoman from texas, our side of the texas, ms. jackson lee. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from texas is recognized for one minute. ms. jackson lee: i thank the gentlelady. let me disabuse my good friends of any myth. right now the republicans have
12:35 am
shut the government down. s.o.s. message from texas, we are a diverse state with different opinions. one that says with so many people that need health insurance, we like obamacare. but another s.o.s. message, he willington field right now is shut down. the towers in he willington field in texas are shout down. why? because -- shut down. why? because the republicans are on the floor of the house with a phony procedural vote that is not going anywhere and the government is shut down. hundreds of thousands of federal employees shut down. the s.b.a. with no loans shut down. projects to improve our transportation shut down. federal economic reports and businesses shut down. workers in region six offices in the state of texas shut down. they will not be able to go to work tomorrow. i only hope that we'll have a moment of reconciliation and common sense to speak on behalf of the american people.
12:36 am
please note that texas recognizes that the american people are important. i don't want a government shutdown. i want to vote for a clean continuing resolution now. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady's time has expired. the gentlelady's time has expired. the gentlelady's time has expired. ms. jackson lee: i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady's time has expired. the gentleman from texas. mr. sessions: thank you, mr. speaker. i reserve my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves. the gentlelady from new york. ms. slaughter: mr. speaker, i'm pleased to yield one minute to the gentleman from michigan, mr. ildee. mr. kildee: thank you so much for yielding. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for one minute. mr. kildee: thank you. you know, i've heard a number of the members on the other side make reference to the notion that we ought to have a conference. and i heard some eloquent commentary referencing the point that we ought to talk to one another. well, and i know it's been said before, but i'm a new member and i heard a bit of a lecture that
12:37 am
maybe some of the new members don't know what a conference committee is. well, we know. we understand. we know how this works. so much that many of us joined mr. van hollen on our side on april 23 of this year asking that a conference committee be appointed to reconcile the differences in the budgets passed by the house and by the senate. i didn't hear any of those speeches then about the value of talking to one another. not until 15 minutes before the government of the united states is to be shut down did suddenly something that a freshman has known for a long time, did it occur to folks on the other side that it might be time to have a conversation. it's too little, it's too late, bring the senate-passed c.r. here and we will adopt. it i yield back. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentleman from new york reserves. the gentleman from texas is
12:38 am
recognized. mr. sessions: i reserve my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is reserving his time. the gentlelady from new york. ms. slaughter: mr. speaker, i am pleased to yield two minutes to the gentleman from new york, mr. israel. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from new york is recognized for two minutes. mr. israel: i thank the gentlewoman. mr. speaker, this is the latest gimmick in the latest game by people who simply cannot govern. and the casualty will be the american families. and the risk that they are inflicting on our economy. tomorrow in my home state, and the ranking member's home state, the statue of liberty will be closed. the last time the statue of liberty was closed, mr. speaker, was when a hurricane struck it. and may i add that the majority refused to provide -- to pass a bill to provide relief assistance when the statue of liberty was closed as a result of the hurricane. this time the statue of liberty is going to be closed by their wrecklessness and their
12:39 am
irresponsibility in order to advance a selfish political agenda. mr. speaker, the american people expect two things from us. they expect the government to stay open and operate efficiently. and they expect their congress to communicate. our position is that we should keep the government open operating efficiently while we communicate and go to conference. their position is, shut it down, close the statue of liberty and talk later. the american people want us to talk now and they want this government to remain open. we have heard over the past several days and over the past two weeks our friends on the other side saying, listen to the american people. our friends on the other side should listen to themselves. they have asked us for a budget. today they said, we want a budget. take it or leave it. we gave them their figure. they said, take it or leave it. we said, we'll take it and they
12:40 am
left it. mr. speaker, the congress of chronic chaos continues every day, every night and the american people deserve better. open the statue of liberty tomorrow, keep small business administration loans going to small businesses, keep college loans going to kids who need the college loans, keep middle class families afloat and communicate while the government remains open. i thank the gentlewoman. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentlelady from new york reserves. the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. sessions: mr. speaker, i'd like to advise my colleague, the gentlewoman, ms. slaughter, that i have no further speakers. ms. slaughter: let me advise my colleague, mr. speaker, that i have one more and then i'm prepared to close. mr. sessions: i reserve. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from texas reserves. the gentlelady from new york. ms. slaughter: mr. speaker, i yield one minute to the gentleman from connecticut, mr. larsen. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from connecticut is recognized for one minute. mr. larson: i thank the gentlelady.
12:41 am
there is only one question before us this evening. and that question has been proffered by so many on the other side of the aisle. that question as articulated by the gentleman from new jersey, mr. andrews, is to do what's fair. to do what's fair for the american people. not democrats, not republicans, not green party, not tea party, but the american people. the american people in the greatest land, the greatest country in the world deserve their government open. and they deserve to know where their members stand. do you stand with your country, do you stand for your country, or do you want to take it down this evening? stand up for your country. stand up for america.
12:42 am
stand with us this evening and keep this government going. in the name of fairness. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman's time has expired. the gentlelady from new york reserves. the gentleman from texas. the gentleman from texas. mr. sessions: i reserve my time, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: reserves. the gentlelady from new york. ms. slaughter: i believe i'm going to close, mr. speaker. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from new york is recognized. ms. slaughter: i feel such a combination of both sadness and anger that it makes it really difficult for me to express it. on the one hand, the chaos and the lurching from crisis to crisis that this congress has continually gone through leaves me not just perplexed but absolutely bewildered. at the same time i think what overrides everything for me tonight is a sense of sadness. thatual of us here who have sworn -- that all of us here who have worn to protect and defend the united states of america have completely given up on that idea.
12:43 am
because the majority has moved white housely toward this moment, this is on them. this government shutdown belongs to them for the rest of their lives. and now, mr. speaker, let me tell you that the great state, the great country of the united states, the beacon of light for almost everybody in the world, the defender of all the people , the most important constitution of government anywhere devised is now -- institution of government anywhere devised is now closed and i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentlelady from new york yields back her time. the gentleman from texas is recognized. mr. sessions: mr. speaker, thank you very much. and tonight it is a night that we will remember. the things that will be remembered about this night are that our party has attempted to
12:44 am
work with, reach out and deal with our colleagues in the united states senate. we have sent a c.r., a clean c.r. at sequester levels and defunding obamacare. it was shipped back to us. second c.r., clean c.r., sequester levels, one-year delay of the entire obamacare law. third c.r., at sequester levels, one-year delay and removal of certain benefits that we believe is fairness. but the overriding suggestion that we have made tonight goes back over a little bit over an hour ago with the gentleman, mr. rogers, the chairman of the appropriations. he's asking for the opportunity for us to go to conference. to resolve our differences. people working together, people looking at each other as was suggested by the gentleman from, mr. barton, yeah, probably a tv would be in the room. and the american people would get a chance to weigh and balance both sides also. we think that's important.
12:45 am
that's what we're asking for. that's why we're on the floor of the house tonight. the floor of the house of representatives tonight. and this is what we stand for. we're after fairness, we're after an opportunity to get these ideas and the issues resolved for the american people. so, i'm going to urge my colleagues to vote yes on the resolution and i yield back the balance of my time and i move the previous question on the resolution. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. without objection, the previous question is ordered. the question is on adoption of the resolution
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